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At MANLY we run the race of victory. We believe that every challenge is a step towards success and with unity we can win all obstacles. Embracing each strength and power is what makes us a group of individuals running towards the same goal, which is being the leader of an integrated garment company in the world. To continue our goal, we always seek new fresh ideas and talented people to join our team. Every role in this company is important. Every decision that we make, we make for the goods of all.

We intend to consistently defy the stereotype of the fashion industry, and hope people will be impressed by our professionalism and can-do attitude. This sort of pioneering spirit sparks a great deal of pride and encourages further industry barriers to be broken. At the heart of our business, we uphold core values, these are:  
                  • Be the leader not follower
                  • Smart and stylish
                  • Be creative at all time
                  • Plan well and exceed expectations
                  • Integrity above all else

Whether your skills lie in fashion, creative arts, production, marketing, technology, accounting, logistics, machinery, we can offer you a broad range of challenging roles in a truly unique environment. Join us and be a part of our team, send your CV electronically to our Human Resource Department from "Contact us" option or to our Headquarter:

HRD (Human Resource Department)
Mangun Sarkoro 8
Malang, East Java 65127